Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Javascript based code editor

I was searching for a code editor written in JavaScript and capable of edit (and syntax highlight) source files in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. There are several active projects around dealing with this kind of stuff. After playing with the online demos and a quick look at the source and implementation details, here a summary of my three favorites:

Rich feature set, support for many languages, does not work on Safari, LGPL licensed, not-so-active development: last commit about a month ago.

jsvi (vi-clone)
Impressive demo, seems to work on most browsers, but the code is copyrighted and without open source license.

9ne (emacs-clone)
Really impressive project by Rob Rohan, but after open sourcing (GPL) it about two and a half months ago, the source code repository shows no further commits. On Safari 3beta I couldn't do the most basic thing: inserting text. Otherwise and on Firefox it really feels like emacs.

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