Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ErlyVideo - RTMP / Flash streaming server

I resurrected my attempt of implementing a RTMP / Flash streaming server and turned it into an open source project: ErlyVideo. When I originally wrote that code, sometime last year, it mainly served as practical example for learning Erlang. Streaming actually worked, I could record and playback audio and video from the flashplayer, but the code was ugly, the TCP server was blocking and worst of all, the RTMP protocol is a proprietary thing from Adobe, so I did a clean room implementation, step by step, trial and error, without actually knowing the protocol when I started, so it had to end up in a mess.
Now I cleaned it up a bit and turned it into a non-blocking OTP server application, but it is still just a proof of concept ...

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max.lapshin said...

This project was unarchived again and now it can show mp4 files and seek through files.

However, I experience large problems with downstreaming video and audio from flash.