Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amazon EC2 instances now with up to 15 GB RAM

Utility computing is getting more and more interesting for scalable webhosting. So far Amazon EC2 only had one instance type with 1.7 GB RAM, 160 GB HD, 32-bit platform and $0.10 per instance hour. Now there are two new Amazon EC2 instance type, both 64-bit platform and with significantly more power:

Large instance (new):
7.5 GB RAM, 850 GB HD, four times more computing performance, $0.40 per instance hour

Extra large instance (new):
15 GB RAM, 1690 GB HD, eight times more computing performance, $0.80 per instance hour

I am working right now on some Erlang tools to simplify web application hosting on utility computing infrastructure and look forward to get my hands dirty on this new EC2 instances !

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Davide said...

Go for it man! :)
The Rails crowd is already working on it (http://ec2onrails.rubyforge.org/) and it would be nice to see some similar work with Erlang. :)