Saturday, November 17, 2007

Easy Erlang compiling with TextMate

Today I created a custom command for easy Erlang compiling with TextMate. Errors (if there are any) are popping up hyper-linked on a HTML window, and if you click on them, you get straight to the file and line with that error.
This is work-in-progress and just compiles the current file. The following features will be added in future versions:

- only compile modified files
- parse Emakefile if available, otherwise:
- crawl directories to figure out src, include and ebin folders.
- code reload if node is running


RW said...

Nice work! One thing you might want to fix though is you're calling an absolute path to escript in the initial /usr/bin/env command . /usr/bin/env is used to walk the $PATH environment variable and find out where the argument executable is, so you don't need to use absolute paths there. Change it to
#!/usr/bin/env escript
and it works correctly.

Roberto Saccon said...

rw, thank for pointing me to that detail. At the time of publishing the command I was also experimenting with erlware and therefore had to hardcode escript to a fully working Erlang distribution. I am gonna fix that right now.