Monday, November 26, 2007

Faster interaction between Erlang and TextMate

My first attempt of combining TextMate key bindings to Erlang scripts was fully based on escripts. Unfortunatley starting an escript costs some time (because of the startup of an Erlang VM), on my mac it is about 0.15 seconds. Not much, but enough to be perceived as short delay by the user. So I was looking for a faster way of interaction and Erlang core developer Bengt Kleberg pointed me to erlaunch, a kind of erlang scripting environment where the VM runs in the background and dosent need to be restarted for each script. So I guess something along that lines is the way to go for TextMate Erlang integration, probably a TextMate plugin written in C which takes care of the Erlang background VM during TextMate uptime. Need to learn now how to write a TextMate plugin ...

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