Thursday, December 06, 2007

Erlang R12B-0 on Leopard

Yesterday Erlang R12B-0 was released. Compilation on Leopard (with XCode development tools installed) was straight forward, except for one Erlang application: the new profiling tool percept, which got disabled because of missing libgd library at the ./configure step.

So I installed it via macports:
sudo port install gd2
unfortunately ./configure continued to complain. Finally today a solution for how to run ./configure was posted on the Erlang mailing list:
./configure --with-gd=/opt/local
and everything went without further problems ...

There a lots of new features and improvements, and I look forward to explore them one by one in the next weeks and months. Just the troublemaker percept I had to inspect immediately. It seems to be a powerful tool for performance analysis and it ships with a module called edg which wraps libgd and serves for creating 2D vector graphics (to visualize the percept profiling results), similar to my own erlycairo, but it produces*.gif files (erlycairo only outputs *.png files).


Steven G. Harms said...

Thanks for this tip. I'm trying to get started learning Erlang on my new Leopard install and hit this error. Your post was a successful fix.

Anonymous said...

Also thanks for the tip same issue also with Tiger
again thanks