Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Discontinuing ErlyMate

My attempt of better integrating Erlang with TextMate has been an interesting trip into foreign territory (Objective C and Desktop applications), but I never considered it as a serious project, it was more a kind of overreaction to my inability of mastering all Emacs key bindings even at sleep. And I also don't like to put lots of time into an open source project to erlangify a proprietary, Mac-only software from a one-man-company. Anyway, if this are non-issues for anybody who wants to resurrect the project, I will be available to answer initial questions. Ok, this was probably my last post about ErlyMate here.

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Matthew Kanwisher said...

Heh I can't blame you, I was going to start using ErlyMate, but AquaEmacs + Erlang plugins is just as well ;) Best of luck to you!