Friday, March 28, 2008

Doloto - Javascript Rewriting paper by Microsoft

I just read the reseach paper (pdf) about Doloto a Microsoft project for speeding up Web 2.0 applications by serverside Javascript static code analysis, AST transformations and code splitting. They claim that with this technique the loading time of monolithic (all Javascript loaded at once) Ajax applications can be significantly reduced. In my opinion, a better approach is to build right away non-monolithic apps (Javascript libraries like dojo provide support for that).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but your comment reads exactly like the garbage-collection/just-in-time-compilation haters of old.

Tools (yes, tools not end-all, be-all solutions) like this can allow a developer to unload some mental burden and focus on improving other parts of an application.

Don't discount "just-in-time downloads" so quickly.