Monday, March 31, 2008

Emacs on Ajax with Steve Yegge's new js2-mode

Steve Yegge just released a new Javascript Emacs mode. I installed it and played around a bit and syntax highlighting and indention seemed to work perfectly. The feature list is impressive (copy-pasted from project page):
The best news comes now: according to his blog, this is just the beginning:
This is part of a larger project, in progress, to permit writing Emacs extensions in JavaScript instead of Emacs-Lisp. Lest ye judge: hey, some people swing that way. The larger project is well underway, but probably won't be out until late summer or early fall.

My new editing mode is called js2-mode, because eventually I plan to support JavaScript 2, also known as ECMAScript Edition 4. Currently, however, it only supports up through JavaScript 1.7, so the name is something of a misnomer for now.
Plenty of reason to switch back to Emacs for those like me who thought that TextMate was the future.

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