Sunday, April 06, 2008

Skype and PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL is my favorite open source relational database. Some time ago I wrote some experimental code (currently unmaintained) for integrating it with erlyweb. The guys at Skype seem to like PostgreSQL as well. In regard to the current Google Skype takeover rumors (or was it just a 1st of April joke which went out of control ?) and to this article: Skype Plans for PostgreSQL to Scale to 1 Billion Users, I took a look at the Skype open source projects and found a few interesting ones related to PostgreSQL:
  • PL/Proxy: Horizontal data partitioning, based on a hashed database field (for distributing large amount of data among several physical servers).
  • SkyTools: DB cluster management software for replication, message queues, fail over and Python integration.
  • PgBouncer: connection pooling.

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