Sunday, February 22, 2009

Porting bespin to dojo - 90 percent done

No I try to break the number one rule in software development: the last 10 percent take 90% of the total time. The dashboard works, except the command line sometimes having hiccups. The editor lets me type in text, but anything else breaks. I also replaced all third party libraries (in the external folder) with dojo equivalents. Here my experience in regard to prototype:
  • It's an absolutely fantastic framework if you wanna simple things get done quickly and you don't care about JS design philosophies (name spaces, native object extension).
  • There are a lot of utility functions for string, array and enumerable manipulation, but some of these functions are "opinionated" as all the great things from the 37systems guys. In dojo you end up cooking together your own one-line solutions for the simple stuff. It is additional work, but results in a customized and optimized solution.
  • The huge amount of string utilities suggests that prototype is targeted to developers who prefer not to deal too much with regular expressions.
So what else is missing once the bug fixing is done:
  • Name space cleanup: I used a all-lowercase namespace (e.g.: "bespin.editor"), because that is how dojo name space and file hierarchy looks like. I regret that, because it violates the bespin coding guideline and worst of all, requires a lot of slave work to update the documentation, so I will refactor to a name space mostly identical to the current one from bespin trunk (e.g.: "Bespin.Editor")
  • There are still some global variables (in the startup scripts), but before I even suggest how to change that I need some feedback from the bespin architects.
  • Testing (I introduced lots of bugs ...)
  • Build script to create minimized JS/CSS for production, maybe as paver task.
Update: I found a cheat sheet for conversion between dojo <->prototype

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You're back! I always enjoy your posts, keep 'em coming :)