Friday, December 14, 2007

ErlyComet article and screencast

Today my article "Getting started with Comet on Erlang" got published at CometDaily, there is also a screencast there (scroll down there, to the ErlyComet section) if you prefer to watch and listen ...

Update: Some users could not load the screencast / did not like to get asked for upgrading the flashplayer. I halfway expected this. It's not that I haven't put in efforts to avoid that kind of bad user experience, but my efforts apparently failed. Let me explain in detail: the video is encoded in h264/HE-AAC and that only works on flashplayer 9.0.125. If the flashplayer is not the very latest one, a dialog should inform the user (and provide direct link) to upgrade the flashplayer, if he wishes to watch the video. Uploading the original QuicktTime screencast to youtube or google video results in bad, mostly unreadable text quality, similar to all those RubyOnRails screencasts which have been originally recorded in QuickTime.
Nevertheless, here is the google video version (bad quality).

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Chris said...

The screencast doesn't work. It seems to be loading to 100%, but it just doesn't play.

How about providing a download link here or hosting it on google-video/youtube?

Grüße aus Berlin :-)

Roberto Saccon said...

Chris, I uploaded the video to google, see details at the post - update.