Monday, December 10, 2007

Rubinius - the next generation Ruby virtual machine

The guys at Engine Yard, a RubyOnRails application hosting company are serious about solving the Ruby performance issues (Ruby is interpreted) and they are developing a virtual machine. Straight from the Rubinius homepage:
Rubinius draws on the best virtual machine research and technology of the past 30 years and incorporates the newest research in dynamic language implementations. Rubinius implements the core libraries in Ruby, providing a system that is much more accessible, easier to develop and to extend.
And what's in the bag for an Ex-Ruby-developer (Ruby it is a great language, but since I am comfortable with Erlang, I don't have any use for Ruby anymore ...) ? Well, TextMate, my preferred editor has a lot of its functionality implemented as Ruby scripts, and if they run faster with Rubinius, that's fine for me.

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