Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hypernumbers whitepapepr: comparing Erlang and LAMP web stacks

Using Erlang In A Web Start-Up is a whitepaper (PDF) by Gordon Guthrie, pointing to advantages from the business point of view when choosing Erlang.


alexis said...

We went through a similar decision making process when considering how to build RabbitMQ. As explained in our FAQ, there are several reasons why Erlang/OTP has out of the box features suitable to building an enterprise grade (and indeed, 'carrier grade') messaging system.

The technologies that the Hypernumbers guys compared Erlang/OTP with, are designed for non-event-driven stacks. Why would you use an architecture for building database backed web sites, when building a messaging system?

So, we came to more or less the same conclusion :-)

I'd be interested in how people are getting on with cases where they are using an actors based approach for 'simple' web sites. Not just using Erlang/OTP, but also Scala/Lift.

Adrian Kosmaczewski said...

Thanks for the link! Best regards from a recent Erlang fan, born in Argentina :) and living in Switzerland (Lausanne). Cheers!

mary Brown said...

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