Sunday, January 13, 2008

CodeMirror - an AST aware in-browser code editor

I have been following for a while now the development of Javascript based code editors and web IDEs (see here and here), I even started to build one myself, because I thought there is no such AST aware editor out there, at least until I discovered codemirror, which comes with support for Javascript and HTML, and with support I mean it has a real parser (and a CSS file for syntax highlighting) for those languages. Marijn Haverbeke, the author of this masterpiece of functional Javascript programming has released today a new version, which makes it easy to integrate it with a different Javascript libraries (codemirror itself uses MochiKit).

Codemirror has the following features:
  • syntax highlighting
  • automatic code indentation of current line on pressing TAB or RETURN
  • if some code it selected, automatic indentation of current selection on pressing TAB
  • works with all common modern browsers
  • highly configurable: additional languages, performance settings, etc.

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