Sunday, January 06, 2008

Zed Shaw on Rails (Ghetto)

The new year started with an explosion in the Rails community: Zed Shaw's Rails rant, where he points to some well known Ruby/Rails-people, explains why they are "assholes" and brings up some "general thoughts" such as:
This is exactly what makes Rails a ghetto. A bunch of half-trained former PHP morons who never bother to sit down and really learn the computer science they were too good to study in college.
Zed is the author of Mongrel, that made him well known and highly respected within the Rails community. But now I see people from the whole software industry blogging about him and his famous rant. Zed got mentioned on techcrunch and today I saw even a post from Rickard Oeberg about Ted's rant. A few years ago, Rickard was blogging in a very similar style, highly informative but also entertaining about the nasty things around the JBoss community (Rickard was the most important initial developer of the JBoss application server).

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Scott said...

Rails is NOT dead. If rails didn't change for the next 5 years I'd still be happy it's already 10x better than Java. Really! acts_as_authenticated, acts_as_rateable, acts_as_taggable_on_steroids and others are much better than anything else I've tried in other frameworks.