Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's getting cloudy - Yahoo Application Platform

Just read this on TechCrunch:
... Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) - which will be a direct competitor to Google App Engine. Users can host their independent applications on Yahoo’s bandwidth, storage, database and CPU resources. At first they’ll support SecurePHP applications only, but they’ll expand to additional languages over time. The model will be very similar to Google’s - free usage up to a point, metered after that. They’ll also offer various developer tools as well.
With Yahoo offering cloud based PHP app hosting, I hope Google will focus on soon adding the already announced really useful features to App Engine, and not waste engineering efforts for supporting PHP.

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patrickdlogan said...

Yahoo Application Platform - and then Microsoft buys Yahoo and then you convert your LAMP app to dotnet.

Hopefully I am just kidding.

Actually the pending hostile purchase does cloud up the decision to use a Yahoo cloud. FUD works, and MSFT knows it.