Friday, April 25, 2008

The missing feature of the Web: a DNS REST API

I have been waiting for years, that a quality DNS provider will a offer a REST API for setting DNS Records, but there is still no such a thing on the market. There is a SOAP based offering from Nettica (unfortunately I have an SOAP allergy). And there are the REST APIs some service providers are exposing for updating dynamic IPs.
DNS Made Easy, one of my preferred DNS providers, told me about a year ago they were working on such an API. I am still waiting. Anyway, if anybody is aware of such a service, please let me know.

Update: Found a possible solution (but I haven't actually tested their service yet): Slicehost, a similar service as Amazon EC2, they seem to have an API which allows to manipulate DNS records. But your domain has to be hosted on slicehost.

Update II: WorldwideDNS is another option.

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Christopher said...

I too am looking for something that does this.

Anything new on that front?