Sunday, May 25, 2008 not updating homepages

Shame on you, Google ! The last few posts of this blog did only update my blog homepage after about 24 hours. I guess updating the homepage is not part of the transaction when a new post gets stored somewhere on BigTable. So if you wanna see the actual homepage of this blog instead of an out-of-date cached version, type in: (instead of

Anyway, real men build their own blog engine, instead of complaining. Right now new blog engines are popping up like mushrooms, as result of some 60000 developers messing around with Google App Engine. Unfortunately those real men are facing real problems when trying to completely import old blogs into their custom blog engine, at least that is what happened to me when I tried some years ago with a custom Rails blog engine. So for now let's hope the issues are just temporary ...

Update: It's getting worse. Right after posting, also continued to serve the outdated cached version.

Update II: A couple of hours later, at least the .../index.html home page got updated.

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