Saturday, May 24, 2008

js2-mode - the second most important Javascript tool

I have been using js2-mode (an Emacs Javascript mode) for a couple of weeks now. I started using it out of curiosity, at the time I gave up on TextMate as all-purpose editor and turned back to Emacs, mainly because Emacs has so much better Erlang support. Now I consider js2-mode as the second most important Javascript tool (nothing can beat Firebug of course, and Firebug 1.2B1 on Firefox 3RC1 really rocks !). It fits perfectly into my work flow, you don't have to learn anything specifically to use it, it shows on-the-fly any syntax errors, global variables (which usually are unintentional), does a great job of line indenting, but because line indenting is often a question of personal style, js2-mode offers several possibilities you can cycle through via TAB. And in case you don't like how js2-mode works out-of-the-box, there are tons of customization options.

The only thing I am missing: I would like to use js2-mode as well as minor mode in HTML, but that doesn't seem to work yet.

Update: After writing this post, I just discovered another recent article about js2-mode with focus on syntax highlighting.

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