Saturday, June 28, 2008

Erlang Exchange 2008

The last two days I have spent at the Erlang Exchange Conference. It was great to met other Erlang hackers in person I just knew from their blog, emails or mailing list. Below the slides from my talk:


Johan said...

SwfChannels sounded very interesting; where can I find out more about it?

Roberto Saccon said...

I will post here when I release it, but I got busy with other stuff, so that has to wait ...

Alain O'Dea said...

Good slides Roberto.

The video seems to have gotten corrupted on Google Video unfortunately. The sound and image fall apart about a half hour in.

There is a lot of different stuff going on in that presentation. I got a bit lost.

As for dev tools I actually got pretty far with Erlangifying Textmate. I got it to do contextual code completion and auto-compile with feedback. I have tried Emacs repeatedly, but even with Kevin Smith's video tutorials Emacs just will not click for me. I find Textmate much easier to extend than Emacs. It is probably my inexperience with Lisp that is holding me back here :)

I am very interested in hearing more about integrating Dojo and Erlang. It has been a keen interest of mine for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roberto,

I've been playing around with erlycomet (getting yaws support for it) and came here to report on those changes to see if any of those were interesting to you. lol... I should have contacted you *before* working on them. :)
But it's all good! I'll be happy to pick up the next version of erlycomet! I also came to the same conclusion about its scalability and I was going to hack up my branch. Now it seems I just have to wait. :)

Anyway, you can check out my git repositories over at:


MAAZ said...

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