Monday, July 21, 2008

10gen: Cloud hosting platform offering serverside Javascript

There was some speculation that Google will offer it once they open up the App Engine Platform to more languages, there were some small-scale attempts with serverside Javascript (including the mine, with, which is currently receiving very little attention from my side) but now 10gen (with well known Java hacker and director of the Apache Software Foundation Geir Magnusson as CoFounder) plans to offer cloud-based hosting solution with any language running on the Java VM (at least that is what I am reading between the lines of their press release) and the funny thing is they don't start with Java itself, no they offer as first Language Javascript. The guys at 10gen also seem to like django, a quick look at one of the tutorials reveals they are providing a thing called djang10, django inspired framework for creating web applications purely in Javascript.

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