Sunday, March 29, 2009


Now that my bespin syntax engine is more or less working and got added to the main repo, I experimented again with inline previews, but this time I think the result is a bit more in line with what one actually needs:
I added a preview setting. Using previews is the same as always, either click on the icon, or type the command: preview.
Below are the new settings:
  • set preview window - default, an external window, as we have now.
  • set preview inline - instead of editor canvas we have an iframe containing the preview
  • set preview iphone - a non-modal popup containing an iframe with dimensions of the iPhone screen. Of course you should use Safari for this.
With ESC key the previews get closed / toggled off.
Now this just needs to be cleaned up a bit and turned into a patch or pushed to my repo at bitbucket.

1 comment:

Will Robertson said...

Looks really cool! I look forward to it comming to bespin.