Thursday, March 26, 2009

Java on AppEngine (or serverside JavaScript for the masses) !!!

But let's wait first for confirmation of the rumor.

Update: Following the first comment on this post ("Java != JavaScript"), it might look like I am confusing things, so let me clarify for those who can't remote read my mind (hopefully most) and are not familiar with Rhino, which is a JavaScript implementation written in Java, and allows serverside scripts to be written in JavaScript. And maybe just coincidentally, a few days ago a new release of Rhino has been pushed out. And for those who don't know, Norris Boyd, the main developer of Rhino is a Google engineer. So for me at least it makes sense to assume, JavaScript is part of Google's Java App Engine plans. But let's not forget, this is all based on speculation, and the only difference between now and the very same rumors "leaked out" by a Google engineer a few months ago, is that Michael Arrington has a lot of readers.


Paul Kinlan said...

Java != Javascript for the masses

It is no where even close.

Roberto Saccon said...

hey man, never heard of Rhino ?

Saravanan said...

Hope they launch Rhino on Rails(aka Rails on Javascript) which Steve Yeggie is working on for some time.